Holiday Decor Your Landlord Won’t Mind

December 1, 2017

For renters, traditional holiday decorations may not be possible. Here are some alternatives to hanging wreaths and decorating trees that won’t get you in trouble with your landlord.

Instead of using hooks and nails to put a wreath on your front door, turn it into a gift. With some thick ribbon and a big bow, your entryway can set the tone for holiday cheer without causing damage to the door. You can secure the bow and ribbon with glue or tape and you can add some wrapping paper, too.

Ditch the wreath! Go with a bow instead.

If your rent space doesn’t have a fireplace on which to hang your stockings with care, a wooden pallet is a cheap alternative. All you have to do is paint it red or green or white then add nails or hooks for the stockings. Prop it up against your wall and it can hold all your Christmas goodies. Add some garland or tinsel to make it even more festive. Here’s a good example.

What’s Christmas without some lights? Don’t let a no-nails policy keep you from being merry and bright. Take some decorative glass containers and fill them with pinecones or candy canes or bows or ornaments and, of course, lights. This allows for some holiday sparkle and even a nice centerpiece. Here’s a good example.

Perhaps the most defining holiday decoration is the tree, but in a small apartment or a house with kids or pets, a tree is not ideal. Instead, you can make a faux tree out of anything from lights on a wall to ornaments on a corkboard to decorations hanging from the ceiling, all in the shape of a tree. Here’s a good example.

Don’t let house rule keep you from celebrating this winter!

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